Benefits for Accrolube® High-Temperature PTFE Grease

High-temperature PTFE grease from Accrolube contains PTFE to create a boundary lubrication film that reduces wear between metal surfaces and protects against corrosion. This means, whatever your application, grease from Accrolube provides the lubricant you need to ensure your operation runs smoothly without any extra wear and tear.

Cost Savings

Equipment Runs Smoother and Longer

Accrolube High-temperature polyurea with PTFE deposits a fine protective and lubricating film on metal that will continue to function even after the grease has extruded away.

Temperature/Load Problem Solver

Microparticles of PTFE suspended in Accrolube high-temperature polyurea with PTFE ensure continued performance on equipment operating at high loads and extreme temperatures. The PTFE base effectively lubricates at temperatures over 600°F to as low as -50°F.

Resistant to Water and Weather

Accrolube high-temperature polyurea with PTFE provides extended protection against rust in moist environments and won’t migrate from hot surfaces. This is especially beneficial on precision equipment and heavy industry that need to remain in perfect operative state.

Downtime Reduced

Accrolube high-temperature polyurea with PTFE increases efficiency and lifetime of what it is applied to, which reduces maintenance downtime without leaving a mess or risking contamination.

Reduction of Grease Inventory

One application of Accrolube high-temperature polyurea with PTFE can do the same job as many applications of conventional greases.