Machined Seals, Bearings, Rings, and More

Through custom machining, AccroSeal® provides seals, bearings, bushings, rings and many other components for industrial applications using our proprietary Accrolon® compounds. Our manufacturing process includes compression molding and CNC machining of engineered plastics going from raw resins to finished parts in 2 weeks! Whatever solutions you need for custom plastics engineering, AccroSeal has the capabilities and experience you can count on.


Resistant and Resilient

Using PTFE, an inert material that is chemically resistant in the most severe applications. Our seals are self-lubricating, so if your equipment is in a dry or abrasive environment, your seal will keep equipment working longer, reducing friction within the system.

    • Reduced Friction
    • Saves on power consumption

Rotary Lip Seals

Precision Engineered Seals

Providing lubrication to a bearing or system while simultaneously working to keep out contamination, rotary lip seals from AccroSeal keep operations running smoothly. These seals extend the lifetime of equipment components that rely on lubricant by reducing wear, friction, heat and contamination.

Energized Seals

Spring-Powered Protection

Energized Seals are sealing devices consisting of a PTFE or other polymer seal jacket, energized by a corrosion resistant metal spring or elastomer. When the seal is seated in the gland, a spring is under compression, applying force on the gland sealing surfaces, thereby creating a tight barrier to prevent gas or fluids from leaking.

The spring also provides resiliency to compensate for seal wear, gland misalignment, or eccentricity. While spring force provides adequate force for sealing at low pressure, at high pressure the system pressure augments the spring force to provide an even tighter seal. Accrolon® seals are precision machined from PTFE and other high performance polymers.

AccroSeal partners with the premier spring manufacturers in the U.S. to provide a duo of engineering specialties. Our ability to custom manufacture the seal jacket to customer specifications, coupled with our spring partners, provides a service you won’t find anywhere else.


Wear, Lantern, Backup, Seal, and others

Designed to control the flow of liquids or gases from passing through different parts, the rings manufactured by AccroSeal are the perfect addition to create a seal that offers resiliency for any operation. Like our other polymer components, rings by AccroSeal can be a variety of materials based on design and operational needs.


Accrolon Self Lubricating Bearings

Accrolon 9000 series is an excellent alternative to many metallic, composite, and standard bearing materials because it offers a combination of:

    • High continuous service temperature
    • Self-lubricating properties
    • Excellent wear
    • Outstanding mechanical properties
    • Weight reduction
    • Audible noise reduction
    • Chemical resistance


Stamped and Machined In-House

AccroSeal stamps and machines gaskets in-house from a wide variety of materials to meet sealing requirements. We specialize in low-volume, quick-turn production of your most demanding designs.

Materials Used

    • PTFE
    • PEEK
    • NYLON
    • Flourocarbon (Viton®)
    • Polyethylene
    • Neoprene
    • Buna-N
    • Gum Rubber
    • Sponge Rubber
    • Silicon
    • Urethane
    • Felt
    • EPDM
    • Expanded PTFE

PLE Sealing System


This innovative sealing system allows the elimination of flush water and easily accommodates standard stuffing boxes.  Significant cost savings are realized over braided packing, dynamic or mechanical seals.  The system lasts up to three times longer than standard packing.  Additional packing is injected as needed through the box’s flash port while the equipment is running. The inherent lubricity of the packing and the Accrolon polymer reduces friction and wear.

Features / Benefits

    • Runs dry without flush
    • Water treatment and usage reduction
    • Handles temperatures to 575° F
    • Food grade and industrial material options
    • Seals off stuffing box eliminating problems that abrasives cause in the  seal chamber
    • No need to run water lines to pump
    • Reduces wear to pump shaft or sleeve.
    • Self-centering
    • PTFE Boundary Lubricant
    • Equalized pressure
    • Longer life
    • Less maintenance – can be re-energized when equipment is running
    • Less heat build-up

Custom Parts

Crafted to specifications

Custom machining options provided by AccroSeal gives almost any industry the tools they need to efficiently craft OEM for industrial applications. These parts are crafted in a precise process that ensures every part you request comes out exactly how you need it.

When custom parts are needed by your business, our team will work with you to discuss what materials you need to craft your components and help them come out perfect every time.