Words From Past PTFE Grease Users

We appreciate the kind words past users of our PTFE grease have shared with us, and we like to share them so others may see what our products could do for them. With so many different applications of Accrolube® grease and reviews from individuals using it in different ways, we hope that you can see why Accrolube can be a benefit to your lubrication needs. If you have a review of your own that you’d like to submit, contact us today!

I have been using AccroLube High Temperature Polyurea with PTFE for over a year now under very adverse conditions - both under outdoor temperatures reaching over 115 degrees and exposure to weather which is sometimes hot and dusty as well as heavy rain. It is applied to all the metal moving parts on a bus lift used to lift wheelchairs in and off the buses. AccroLube is the only lubricant that I will ever use on my buses. It has unconditionally outperformed any other lubricant on the market. I am extremely impressed and would not use anything else to keep the lift operating seamlessly. What a great Product.
We use AccroLube Food Grade for our meat slicer to make sure it glides easily. We love that it is food grade of course, and it does the trick!
I love AccroLube Marine/Trailer grease. It sticks tight in my wheel bearings for my boat. Others wash out and blow grease all over my wheels.
AccroLube Multi-Vehicle Moly High Performance grease is the grease for me. I have a late model race car that gets beat up and put in the harshest condition’s week in and week out. This stuff handles the condition’s better than the competitor’s stuff I was using before. I have found a winner thank you AccroLube.
Best Grease on the Market. AccroLube High Temperature Polyurea with PTFE has saved us so much down time and so many headaches you cannot believe the difference this grease makes. I was not sure at first when I was told about this great product but after going through so many different products in our Hydraulic equipment, I needed to make a change. So, I ordered a case of cartridges from AccroSeal and I am glad I did. I went from changing my grease out every 3 or 4 days to every other month. What a time saver for me and my guys. I wish I would have heard about this product 5 year earlier.
AccroLube Food Grade is a necessity to have in a bakery. Lasts a long time and does everything it is supposed to do. It also is not super sticky to the point where you cannot get it off when you wash your hands which is a problem with some other brands.
AccroLube Automotive and Industrial grease is used on several of our excavators and dozers in the northeast grease does not seem to wash out with all the rain and snow we get here. We love it.
AccroLube Food Grade Grease is by the far the best food grade grease that I have found. I use it for O rings on ice cream machines and this stuff works great and is safe.
AccroLube Marine/Trailer grease is the best at staying in the bearings of a boat trailer never had any trouble with it. This stuff stays in place when it gets wet, hard to beat this product.
We only use AccroLube General Multi-Vehicle grease in our repair shop. This stuff works great and cost less than other brands. We use this on all makes and all models from the ball joints to the wheel bearings this stuff works great and keeps our customers happy and driving down the road.
I have been using AccroLube High Temperature Polyurea with PTFE for 5 years now and would not use any other type of grease. I use it on everything from my truck and trailer to my windows at home. What a great product for the outside environment.
AccroLube Marine/Trailer is great stuff - use it on my truck, boat, atv, mower and everything else that needs to be greased. Marine grade is the only way to go when buying grease.
AccroLube Automotive and Industrial grease is the ticket when it comes to outdoor projects. I use it on my grill, windows, kid’s playsets, and the wife’s garden gate. We live in Michigan, so it sees all kinds of weather and holds up great.
AccroLube Automotive and Industrial grease is the grease for the outdoors man that wants a heavy-duty product that will not fail and will work on anything. Give it a try you will not be disappointed.
I was recommended AccroLube General Multi-Vehicle from out local repair shop. I cannot be happier with a product the cost is great and it seems to last longer than any other grease I can remember using. I use on my farm tuck and my wife’s Cadillac talk about a great all-around grease.
I found AccroLube General Multi-Vehicle when I was looking to make a change from our current automotive grease. I was given a sample and I was impressed from the first application. This stuff last longer and cost less than the OTHER product my shop had been using for the last 10 years. I will not use anything else this stuff just works.
We made the switch to AccroLube Multi-Vehicle Moly High Performance grease for our race car last year and were speechless by the performance of the grease. It handled the high heat breaking and high temps of the track better than we could have hoped for.
WOW that is all that is needed when talking about AccroLube High Temperature Polyurea with PTFE. We have been looking for a grease that would hold up in the dirty harsh desert terrain of Arizona. Boy did we find it we use this product on out backhoes and excavators when building homes and creating subdivisions. We have cut down on our overall grease use 2 to 1 after making the switch to AccroLube. It performs better and last longer. We work in temperatures that reach over 100 degrees for days on end and our equipment runs great with the help of AccroLube. Thank you ArrcoSeal and AccroLube for making such a great product.
Jeff and Jason